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We Are 100% Focused On Generating Real Results For Your Business

Through our aggressive online visibility and engagement strategies, and the effective use of Artificial Inteligence (AI) and modern Marketing Automation,
we will amplify your brand with the right customers to deliver measurable results and to ensure that your business is chosen over your competition. 

Case Study – Customer Testimonial – Success Stories

View How This Customer Achieved Unprecedented Results With Our Active Marketing Engine

Take Control of Your Online Presence – So You Can Achieve Results That Matter To Your Business.


If we can rank #1 and DOMINATE the market in New York City, we can rank #1 and DOMINATE the market in any city … especially … your City!

Company: The Relationship Suite

Group Practice – Relationship Therapy & Counseling. Our customer for 3+ years.

  • 230+ organic keywords ranked on pages #1 – 3 (for Website & Google Business Profile/Maps 3-pack)
  • 4.1K+ website visits from FREE organic SEO traffic
  • Rapidly growing practice (4 office locations in highly competitive New York City (Mahattan, Central Park West, Long Island and Chatan New Jersey)
  • The 4th office was added 07/2023 and 5th planned
  • We DOMINATE the highly competitive New York City market for mulitple keywords (for Google Business Profile, Website and geo-tagged Location Pages)
  • We outranks MAJOR competitors (such as: Psychology Today, ZocDoc and Yelp)

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ACTIVE MARKETERS - Case Study Results - 01

ACTIVE MARKETERS - Case Study Results - 01

#1 ranking in a 25-mile grid for highly competitive keyword (relationship therepy NYC).

Dual #1 rankings for website (organics) and Google Business Profile (Google Maps 3-Pack).

ACTIVE MARKETERS - AI-Powered Active Marketing Engine

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Welcome To Active Marketers

Our Goal: Level The Digital Playing Field and Empower Local Businesses To Thrive In Today’s Digital Economy

Digital Marketing (Done Right) Can Be The Great Equalizer That Empowers Local Businesses To Compete On An Equal Footing In Today’s Online Economy!

Our goal is to level the digital playing field by equipping local small business businesses with innovative strategies and AI-powered tools for a 24/7, highly visible, active, and engaging online presence. 

Our Services

Active Marketers is a leading digital marketing and data analytics firm primarily catering to the underserved small local business sector. We offer a robust portfolio of Digital Marketing expertise, as well as, AI, Marketing Automation, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Online Presence Optimization, Data Analytics and ROI Performance Improvement. 

Our Mission & Vision

To provide small local businesses with cutting-edge digital marketing strategies and AI-powered solutions, empowering them to thrive in the digital age. We offer a comprehensive, flexible, and scalable digital marketing infrastructure that extends businesses’ reach, enhances brand visibility, and fuels growth, making us the premier choice for local businesses.

To revolutionize the local business landscape by positioning small local businesses as leading players in the digital economy. We envision a world where every local business, regardless of size, has the tools and strategies to compete and thrive in the ever-evolving digital marketplace.

Leverage Our Active Marketing Engine™

In a world where online VISIBILITY and ACTIVE engagement equals success, our flagship Active Marketing Engine provides the scalable and customizable platform for small businesses to excel in the digital age, ensuring you don’t just survive, but DOMINATE!

Focus On Doing What You Do Best ...

Focus On Doing What You Do Best … RUNNING YOUR BUSUNESS … Let Us Market Your Business.

Our Team of Seasoned Marketing Specialists and Strategic Partners Are Ready To Serve You.

With our Active Marketing Engine, we provide you with AI-powered marketing automation systems and proven digital strategies to not only build, but command a highly visible and engaging online presence.

Let’s make your business the number one choice for local customers.

Your business is unique and your digital strategy should be too.

At Active Marketers, we’re not just about buzzwords and cookie-cutter solutions.

  • We dive deep into your business, understanding your customers, and outsmarting your competition.
  • We design tailored, dynamic, and powerful digital marketing strategies that amplify your presence, engage your audience, and drive growth around the clock.

Elevate your business with the power:


Take control of your Online Presence and Digital Marketing initiatives with a team of experts at Active Markrters to support you.

Rest assured that you will have a system that is proven (used by hundreds of businesses), and is also innovative and highly scalable (core, advanced and market domination levels).

Rest assured that you will have a system that is proven (used by hundreds of businesses), and is also innovative and highly scalable (core, advanced and market domination level).